Silly Guys: Reducks


It is now only a little under a week until the Silly Guys take the stage in the new Curtain Call Café. Doug Wilder, Rex Daugherty, and I will be presenting the entire new Silly play that we have been working on for what seems like eternity.

Rex gets back from Ireland on Tuesday and then it is time for the Silly guys to do what we do best: work frantically for several days in order to make sure the piece is ready for the public eye. We have a leg up on ourselves compared to most of the Silly Guys shows because we’ve pretty much written the whole thing already. This is very exciting compared to last season’s workshops where we basically wrote a new show every 2 days and then had to be ready to perform it.Personally, I am very excited to perform this weekend. The show that we will be performing, while maybe not as polished and perfect as it will be eventually, is a complete, interesting, and hilarious piece of theatre, and yet we managed to incorporate all The Silly Guys favorite music and (unlike earlier drafts of the play) keep the hilarious dynamic that makes The Silly Guys… well… silly.

My only concern now is that it might be difficult to get a good crowd out to the new space. Andrew has been a great help by making hilarious program inserts and posters to put up around town; so hopefully those will drag in a few non-Wayside employees. Hope to see you there,Vaughn M. Irving


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