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Sound Waves: Now on iTunes

Now you can subscribe to the Sound Waves podcast through iTunes. Now you can listen inside Wayside with iTunes’ automatic podcast downloading, and even transfer it to your iPod or other mobile device with ease.

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Listen. Do. Listen. Repeat.

You are all familiar with the various noises heard from the stage or off in the wings—no not talking about the actors or tech crew—the sound effects. Those shrills, winds and sirens are about to make their stage debut in this year’s holiday performance A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play on the Wayside Theatre stage. Everything from the traditional piano to those blustering winter winds will have equal time on the stage time with the actors of the “radio” studio.

So a little information about the sound effects: we are using a particular style of sound effects called Foley sound technique.A quick definition is the natural sounds of an environment are made using usual and unusual methods. One of my favorites would be the creaky door. A simple solution would be to have an actual creaky door or rusted hinge on stage but if you are on a budget, I suggest using other methods, perhaps a piece of resin wood with a screw stuck in it and a pair of vise grips to twist. You may have discovered this sound when breaking down and building theatre sets of the same wood. More traditional Foley sounds include footsteps through the snow made with shoe trees and corn flakes on a wooden tray.

I’m sure you want to know how I came up the objects to make a sound effect Continue reading ‘Listen. Do. Listen. Repeat.’

Introducing Sound Waves

Today, Wayside Theatre not only opens It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, but also introduces a radio show of our own: the Sound Waves Podcast. Our first episode is available now right here (just by clicking on the image below).


The Sound Waves Podcast will also be available for free from the iTunes Music Store. For now, you can subscribe to Sound Waves by clicking here.

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia – Wayside Theatre opens `The Shadow of the Raven: The Stories of Edgar Allen Poe`

raven_for_web.gifShenandoah Valley of Virginia – Wayside Theatre opens `The Shadow of the Raven: The Stories of Edgar Allen Poe`

Wayside Theatre was recently featured on

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Shadow of the Raven: Edgar Allan Poe, Larry Dahlke, and a Theremin

Wayside Theatre and its audiences are blessed with some wonderfully talented, and often multi-talented actors and actresses who ply their trade on our stages. Larry Dahlke is one of those multi-talented marvels. As an actor he is a gifted chameleon, and as a musician he can make music out of just about anything. In our World Premiere production of Steve Przybylski’s Shadow of the Raven: Stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Larry gets to show off many of this talents, including making music with a theremin. If you don’t know much about a theremin, you are not alone. But to give you an introduction to this unique instrument and a bit of its history, Larry offers this quick little video.

Working With and Against the Flow

It has been an amazing and somewhat terrifying week at Wayside Theatre this week. Tonight (in just an hour and a half) we open our Emerging Artists program, George Washington: Young Man, Young Country at the Old Town Courthouse. We’ve also been rehearsing a world premiere of Steve Przybylski’s Shadow of the Raven: Stories of Edgar Allan Poe, which will open next weekend and tomorrow is our first rehearsal on stage for that piece.

Needless to say, we’re stretched a bit thin and also a bit frazzled, but I’m continually impressed and awed by the work our artists and administrators do with so little, and when they are under the gun.

Our Education Director, Sarah Blackwell, has done a wonderful job with George Washington. The play is written and performed by high schoolers, who at the dress rehearsal I saw on Wednesday, were doing some awesome work. I can’t wait to see the opening night performance. Sarah has guided these children brilliantly and I’m sure the run of the play (through October 14) will be another great learning experience for the cast, as well as a treat for the audiences. Would that we had our expansion completed so we could do more of this on a regular basis.

And speaking of October 14, we are all only slightly nervous about the debut of Shadow. You never know if a new play will work, and quite honestly, the theatre needs a “hit” right now. You can feel that the show has the potential to be Continue reading ‘Working With and Against the Flow’

Theatre Is A Conversation About Your Community

There are those that think of live theatre as an event. You attend. You enjoy (hopefully). You walk away. Event over. Actually it is much more than that. This year, Virginians for the Arts, the organization that lobbies our Commonwealth’s government for funding for the arts, has adopted the slogan, Theatre Builds Communities.

Talk about timing. In many ways building community and the conversations that surround that enterprise is what we are all about at Wayside Theatre. I moved back home to Virginia from Chicago to be the Artistic Director at Wayside Theatre for the primary reason that I wanted to be creating theatre and conversations in a community where the process of creation can have an impact. In Chicago, there was so much theatre that much of it was disposable. When we do a show, any show, at Wayside Theatre it matters. That is a wonderful thing. Continue reading ‘Theatre Is A Conversation About Your Community’


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