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Sound Waves: Now on iTunes

Now you can subscribe to the Sound Waves podcast through iTunes. Now you can listen inside Wayside with iTunes’ automatic podcast downloading, and even transfer it to your iPod or other mobile device with ease.

Click here to download iTunes

Download iTunes

Click here to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes



First Posting from the Artistic Director

This is my first post on Inside Wayside, a venue I hope will become a greater conversation about Wayside Theatre is, wants to become, and means to its community. Here we hope to engage those who know and love Wayside Theatre in an important discussion about the theatre’s future, and also engage those who perhaps haven’t experienced the magic that is Wayside Theatre.

A Step Inside

Welcome to Inside Wayside. We hope to begin to build a weblog that allows us to communitate with our patrons and community and for you to communicate with us.

This is a test post, but there will be much more to come soon!  Visit back often!


Inside Wayside is a weblog designed and operated by the staff of Wayside Theatre. It serves as a portal for dialogue within our community. Think of this as your backstage pass to our theatre and our world.

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