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Our 46th Season

Wayside Theatre has been doing theatre in the Shenandoah Valley for 46 seasons and we got a chance to sit down with the staff, interns and actors of Wayside Theatre and talk to them about their most memorable moments.

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Driving Miss Daisy

Wayside Theatre revisits the past with its latest production of Driving Miss Daisy under the direction of Warner Crocker (Artistic Director).  The classic play, written by Alfred Uhry, follows the social relationships caused by racism in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1980s.

We got a chance to sit down with the cast of Driving Miss Daisy and talk to them about this play and what its like working on a challenging yet delicate production.

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We’re back!

After a previous two installments, the Sanders Family is back for a third. We got to sit down the actors/musician of those three shows and ask a few questions. It’s an upclose and personal interview of the ever-loved Sanders Family Musicians.

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Wayside gets 6 Golden Chiquita Awards

We hear at Wayside Theatre think we do some pretty great work, but it is wonderful to be acknowledged for it as well. The Culpeper Star Exponent’s Maggie Lawrence has released the winners of the Golden Chiquita Awards. And we are proud to say that we received 6 of these fantastic bananas.

Absolute Funniest Play With Music
– “Forever Plaid – Wayside Theatre, Middletown

“Rave On” Award for Extraordinary Performance of a Rock Legend
– Robbie Limon as Buddy Holly in “Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story” Wayside Theatre

Most Memorable Roles by Best Actors
– Larry Dahlke as multiple characters in “Stones in His Pockets,” Wayside Theatre
– J.J. Kaczyinski as multiple characters in “Stones in His Pockets,” Wayside Theatre

Best Set Design
– Til Turner – “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story,” Wayside Theatre

“They Can Take Us Where We Want To Go” Award for Best Direction
– Warner Crocker – “Forever Plaid,” Wayside Theatre

For the full article in the Culpeper Star Exponent click the link below.

Wayside Bluegrass… for your Desktop

Decorate your desktop with art for Wayside Theatre’s new show, Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming, a bluegrass gospel musical.

Displaying your new desktop image on your computer at home and works is a great way to show your support for Wayside Theatre and to start conversations with your friends, family, and coworkers about the magic of the theatre we do.

Download the wallpaper for your computer by simply clicking on the thumbnail below.

smoke-art-22-for-desktop-f.gif (Fullscreen)    smoke-art-22-for-desktop-w.gif (Widescreen)

Interview with Joe Landry

In a special episode of our Sound Waves podcast, we recently interviewed Joe Landry, adapter of It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play.

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Listen. Do. Listen. Repeat.

You are all familiar with the various noises heard from the stage or off in the wings—no not talking about the actors or tech crew—the sound effects. Those shrills, winds and sirens are about to make their stage debut in this year’s holiday performance A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play on the Wayside Theatre stage. Everything from the traditional piano to those blustering winter winds will have equal time on the stage time with the actors of the “radio” studio.

So a little information about the sound effects: we are using a particular style of sound effects called Foley sound technique.A quick definition is the natural sounds of an environment are made using usual and unusual methods. One of my favorites would be the creaky door. A simple solution would be to have an actual creaky door or rusted hinge on stage but if you are on a budget, I suggest using other methods, perhaps a piece of resin wood with a screw stuck in it and a pair of vise grips to twist. You may have discovered this sound when breaking down and building theatre sets of the same wood. More traditional Foley sounds include footsteps through the snow made with shoe trees and corn flakes on a wooden tray.

I’m sure you want to know how I came up the objects to make a sound effect Continue reading ‘Listen. Do. Listen. Repeat.’


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